MOBIUS Circulation History
Displays MOBIUS lending and borrowing activity back to FY2001-2002 and Prospector lending and borrowing activity back to FY2014-2015.

MOBIUS Return on Investment Reports
A summary of overall consortial savings on services provided to members though MOBIUS

INN-Reach Holdings Reports
Holdings information going back to 2004.

Borrowing and Lending Database
An interactive tool for accessing MOBIUS and consortia partner borrowing and lending data starting in July 2020. 

Historic Borrowing and Lending Reports
Monthly data for MOBIUS and Prospector borrowing and lending through June 2020. 

Google Analytics Reports
Google analytics reports for the INN-Reach Catalog are posted monthly. 

ArticleReach Direct Statistics
A breakdown of the total number of requests each site supplies, number of requests each sites patrons make, requests broken out by ArticleReach patron type, and more.