ILA/Rivershare Courier


MOBIUS and the ILA/Rivershare Partnership

MOBIUS has a contract to manage a statewide courier service for the Iowa Rivershare Libraries (centered principally in the Davenport area) and the Iowa Library Alliance, which includes a network of Iowa academic and public libraries, beginning in June of 2016 and July 2016 respectively.

Courier Forms and Information

MOBIUS Delivery Label Maker
If this is your first time using the label maker, please be sure to read the instructions carefully before starting.

Delivery Schedule
The most current delivery schedules available for the Iowa Rivershare and Iowa Library Alliance.

Days Closed Calendar
View closures reported by your own library and other participating libraries. 

Driver Guidelines "Manifesto" for MOBIUS Courier Service to ILA
Outlines responsibilities of drivers delivering materials to Iowa Library Alliance libraries. This does not apply to Rivershare Libraries

Handling Issues with Items Lost or Damaged by the Courier
Information on resolving issues involving damaged items.

MOBIUS Courier Statistics
Find information on the number of bags moving to and from your library and average transit times. 

Reporting Service Changes
To report schedule or delivery changes please use the Service Change Form.

Contacting MOBIUS for Help

To contact MOBIUS about courier related issues, send an email to [email protected] or call the Help Desk toll-free at 1-877-366-2487. The courier email address is monitored by multiple staff members. 

IMPORTANT- Reporting Delays in Service - You should report any delays in service longer than 30 minutes to the MOBIUS Help Desk so that they can make sure that any issues with the courier are addressed in a timely manner. 

Ordering Delivery Bags and Tubs - Questions about ordering additional bags and tubs should be directed to [email protected]

Iowa Courier Overview