Shared ILS Systems

MOBIUS Managed Systems

MOBIUS manages a shared FOLIO ILS for 62 of our member libraries, providing a cost effective alternative to managing a library on its own system. 

MOBIUS negotiates and signs the contract with EBSCO Information Services for the hosting of the open source FOLIO system and MOBIUS staff are the main contact with the vendor on behalf of our member libraries. 

Libraries that are part of our shared FOLIO system receive the following products as part of our contract: 

  • EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS) – The end-user discovery platform for FOLIO that allows users to conduct an inclusive search of library resources, making in-depth research easy and providing patron. empowerment functionality.
  • Panorama Essentials for EBSCO FOLIO – A highly customizable analytics platform that combines data sets in a central place from different library and campus systems enabling insights through visualization tools.
  • EBSCO Usage Consolidation and EBSCO Usage Loading Service – A service to speed the gathering and managing of usage data for all of a library’s subscriptions, regardless of vendor.
  • HoldingsIQ - An automated module for managing holdings data from different sources across multiple applications, integrating the data into the tools the library already uses.
  • Full Text Finder – A web-based tool for managing e-resources, which includes a link resolver, knowledge base, and user-facing Publication Finder interface. 
  • KnowledgeBase – Includes information for more than 8.2 million unique titles and over 20,000 databases and packages.
  • Locate - EBSCO’s OPAC solution for FOLIO, brings all library services under one roof making integration, service and support seamless.

Service and Support

Our libraries work with the MOBIUS Help Desk and other staff to resolve all ILS issues, including loading records, implementations, training, and quotes from Innovative. MOBIUS staff have expertise in all aspects of ILS management and MOBIUS serves as an advocate on behalf of each of our libraries. 

Help Desk Routine Operations

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