Shared ILS Systems

MOBIUS Managed Systems

MOBIUS hosts and manages shared Sierra ILS systems for our member libraries, providing a cost effective alternative to managing a library on its own Sierra System. 

MOBIUS negotiates and signs the contract with Innovative Interfaces for the Sierra system and MOBIUS staff are the main contact with the vendor on behalf of our member libraries. MOBIUS consists of cluster servers, each with their own instance of Sierra. Each cluster has several libraries that share the Sierra software and work together to manage their local system policies and procedures. Some of our libraries are on their own instance of Sierra, but are hosted and managed by MOBIUS. They are part of the MOBIUS Contract with Innovative Interfaces and receive the same services as cluster libraries. The cluster servers and standalone implementations are each connected to the MOBIUS Union Catalog (INN-Reach) for the purpose of resource sharing.

Basic Innovative Interfaces Package Available on All Cluster Servers

Libraries Using Discovery Tools

Libraries Using 360 Core through MOBIUS

Service and Support

Our libraries work with the MOBIUS Help Desk and other staff to resolve all ILS issues, including loading records, implementations, training, and quotes from Innovative. MOBIUS staff have expertise in all aspects of ILS management and MOBIUS serves as an advocate on behalf of each of our libraries. 

Help Desk Routine Operations

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