Cataloging & Authority Control

Cataloging Policies & Procedures

MOBIUS has established the following policies and procedures in order to ensure that patrons have reliable access to all materials available in the MOBIUS Union Catalog. 

Cataloging Standards
A listing of cataloging standards that should be adhered to when cataloging items to be included in the MOBIUS Union Catalog. 

Subject Cataloging Policy
Instructions for retaining and applying subject headings to promote multiple points of retrieval for materials. 

Guidelines for 229 Field
Explanation of how to add a 229 field to a bibliographic record and thus enter titles in the journal, magazine, and newspaper index.

Enhanced Match Point
An explanation of how master bibliographic records are determined in the INN-Reach Catalog. 

Last Copy Guidelines
Guidelines for weeding the last copy of an item in the consortium. 

INN-Reach Stop Phrases
Words and phrases that are not indexed in the union catalog to allow for more efficient searching. 

MOBIUS Authority Control Policies & Procedures

Authority Control of headings is performed jointly by the MOBIUS Help Desk staff and a third party vendor. Authority work serves the patrons of MOBIUS members by bringing together titles of the same author or titles on the same subject under one standard form of heading, allowing patrons to search the MOBIUS Union Catalog and their local catalogs more efficiently. 

What We Do
An explanation of how the MOBIUS Help Desk performs authority control on our members local catalogs and the MOBIUS Union Catalog. 

Headings Reports
An overview of how headings reports are created and the types of reports generated. 

A-Codes and Authority Vendors
An explanation of the values used in the ACODE2 field for coding authority records. 

Policy on Authority Control
The original authority control policy as adopted by The MOBIUS Catalog Design Advisory Group (MCDAC).

Cluster Documentation on Authority Control

This is a space to share documentation, policies, and best practices developed by MOBIUS clusters on managing authority work. If you are interested in sharing a document from your own cluster, please contact [email protected] 

SWAN Authorities Manual - Developed by the SWAN Catalogers Committee