MOBIUS Membership

Why Join MOBIUS?

Membership in MOBIUS provides many benefits and is governed by the current MOBIUS Bylaws. For more information, contact Donna Bacon at [email protected]

Share our Downloadable Flyer with your stakeholders to highlight the benefits of MOBIUS membership

Managed Sierra Systems

  • Expert staff experienced in migrations, implementations, and ILS management
  • A full-service Help Desk providing service tailored to your needs, including expert IT staff
  • Unlimited on-site Sierra training at no additional cost

Easy and Fast Access to a Wealth of Resources

  • Access to more than 30 million items through the MOBIUS Union Catalog, and 32 million items through our partnership with the Colorado Alliance of Research Libraries
  • Fast delivery through our MOBIUS managed courier system and connections to hundreds of libraries through links with the CLiC and Amigos courier systems
  • Complementary collections
  • Affordable access to more than 230,000 EBSCO eBooks through our eMO Program

Save Time and Money

  • We manage your ILS so your staff can focus their time on other things
  • We advocate on your behalf with the ILS vendor to get you the best prices
  • Lending and borrowing costs are a fraction of what traditional ILL requests cost
  • Recieve support from our Help Desk staff, who know you and understand your needs, rather than the vendor, saving you valuable staff time
  • Sierra training on demand and at your library so you don't have to pay your ILS vendor or worry about travel
  • Discounts on electronic resources and services


  • We are a diverse organization representing libraries of all types
  • We have an involved and committed membership who network with each other in order to improve and expand services to libraries
  • We provide an Annual Conference for our member libraries promoting networking and professional development

Member Types


MOBIUS consists of cluster servers, each with their own instance of Sierra. Each cluster has several libraries that share the Sierra software and work together to manage their local system policies and procedures. The clusters were created geographically within Missouri. For instance, we have two clusters in St. Louis, one in Kansas City, one in the southwest, and other areas of the state. 

The cluster servers are each connected to the MOBIUS Union Catalog (INN-Reach) for the purpose of resource sharing. 

MOBIUS signs the contract with Innovative Interfaces for the Sierra system on behalf of our member libraries and MOBIUS staff are the main contact with Innovative Interfaces on behalf of our libraries. Our libraries work with the MOBIUS Help Desk and other staff to resolve all issues, including loading records, implementations, training, and quotes from Innovative.  Joining a cluster server is more cost effective than running a library on its own Sierra system. MOBIUS serves as an advocate on behalf of each of our libraries.

The MOBIUS Office manages the hardware, and all backend operations of each cluster server and INN-Reach.Each library has their own Site Coordinators who manage the day to day operations of Sierra.


Libraries who have their own contract with Innovative Interfaces and host and manage their own system.  These libraries purchase an INN-Reach license so that they may connect to the MOBIUS Union Catalog (INN-Reach) for the purpose of resource sharing.

The MOBIUS Union Catalog can connect with Sierra, Millennium and Polaris systems.  

Standalone - MOBIUS Managed

Libraries that are on their own instance of Sierra but are hosted and managed by MOBIUS. They are part of the MOBIUS Contract with Innovative Interfaces and receive the same services as cluster libraries.