Treasurer Statement of Responsibilities

I. General Responsibilities 

The Treasurer provides general oversight of the financial operation of the corporation; continually assesses the financial implications of proposed actions of the Board and informs the Board of the financial ramifications of decisions.  The Treasurer also monitors the financial direction of the corporation, recognizes possible financial problems, and brings such problems to the attention of the Board for action.

II. Accountability

The Treasurer is accountable to the Board of Directors and Members as specified in the bylaws.

III. Specific Duties 

            A.         In consultation with the Executive Director, oversees the keeping of all financial records of the corporation.

            B.         Serves as a member of the Executive Committee.

            C.         Serves as the Chair of the Finance Committee.

            D.         Participates in the preparation of the annual budget and presents the budget to the board.

            E.         Reviews the annual audit by an independent auditing firm at year-end and presents the audit to the Board.

            F.         Works with the President and the Executive Director to ensure that appropriate financial reports are made available to the board on a timely basis.

Approved August 1, 2012; Updated February 10, 2017