Past President Statement of Responsibilities

I. General Responsibilities 

The Past President is responsible for advising the President and other officers of the Board of Directors regarding past practices, general administration, and other matters to assist in the effective ongoing operation of the corporation.

II. Accountability

The Past President is accountable to the Board of Directors and Members as specified in the bylaws. The Past President is an ex-officio, non-voting member of the Board and serves only for one year after expiration of their term as President.

III. Specific Duties 

A.         Acts as an advisor to the Board of Directors regarding past practices and operations. Upon request, assists officers in performing their responsibilities.

B.         Attends the Board of Directors meetings.

C.         Serves as a member of the Executive Committee.

D.         Reviews the current Bylaws and recommends any needed actions to the Board of Directors for vote and approval.

E.         Participates in developing and implementing short-term and long-term strategy planning for the corporation.

F.         Conducts the Performance Evaluation of the MOBIUS Executive Director for the year served as President

Approved August 1, 2012; Updated February 10, 2017