INN-Reach Paging Slips


Paging Slips are used by library staff to locate materials that have been requested by local library patrons or through the INN-Reach system. Everyday, each library will print paging slips. The paging slips are generated for both cluster or local system items (Cluster Page) and for items requested by INN-Reach (MOBIUS Page). Pickup Anywhere (PUA Page) paging slips are printed with INN-Reach slips and are noted by the letters “PUA”.

Once printed, the library staff will pull the books from the stacks. Books requested by local borrowers will be checked-in and placed on the hold shelf or set in-transit to another pick-up location in the local system. Books requested by MOBIUS borrowers will be checked-out using the INN-Reach check-out function and prepared for shipment via the delivery system. Both Pickup Anywhere (PUA) and INN-Reach requests are processed the same way for outgoing books.

Retrieving Paged Items

Printing Paging Slips

Log in to Sierra:

  1. Select the "Notices" function from the drop-down menu in the upper right section of the screen.
  2. Select "INN-Reach Paging Slips" and click the "Prepare" button in the upper right. 
  3. If prompted to select a printer, choose the appropriate printer and click "Print"
  4. When the report is finished, click on SEND to print paging slips
  5. Click on YES to "Clear All Print Notices?" if the printing job completed correctly

Paging Items

Take the paging slips that you have printed and retrieve the listed items from the stacks.

Typical Paged Item Types

Each item should fall into one of the following cases: 

  • Cluster page: item found, pickup location is at your library
  • Cluster page: item found, pickup is at a different library
  • MOBIUS page: item found
  • PUA Page: item found

See Processing Paged Items for information on handling these in Sierra

Problem Paged Item types

Some items will not fall into the above cases, and may fall into one of these problem areas: 

  • Cluster page: item found but does not circulate; hold to be canceled
  • Cluster page: item found but does not circulate; exceptions
  • Cluster page: item not found
  • MOBIUS/PUA page: item does not circulate
  • MOBIUS/PUA page: item not found

See Problems Processing Paged Items for information on handling these in Sierra