Lean Library

Lean Library, part of Technology from SAGE, is an award-winning library technology company that delivers a new class of library services, bringing library resources and support directly into the patron’s workflow. Created by librarians for librarians, Lean Library’s browser extension extends solves access issues and provides patrons with content as and when they need it.

Lean Library was founded in 2016 by Johan Tilstra, a librarian with a mission. A mission to help students and researchers get to the resources they need in the quickest and easiest way possible, while still maintaining their privacy and security. His first-hand experience and understanding of the library played a huge role in how the product developed and he never lost sight of his aim.

Lean Library have continued to go from strength to strength, growing, adapting and changing with the library community it seeks to serve.


Lean Library Open is a free browser extension which enables users to unlock instant and legal access to millions of academic papers, saving them time and money.

Lean Library Access is a comprehensive access solution offering patrons quick and easy access to resources, on and off campus. Patrons will be notified via their library if there are articles available at alternative websites or domains.

Workflow for LibGuides enables libraries to embed their LibGuides, via our Springshare partnership, at the point of need. This offers libraries the ability to deploy relevant instructional material from the library on any academic resource or website.

Lean Library Futures is a premium service bringing library services and content into patrons’ workflows, increasing usage and relevance of library services and resources. Lean Library Futures recently won the 2022 Bett Award for Higher EducationDigital Learning Product