2020-2021 User Experience and Metadata Committee

Jennifer Parsons, 2019-2021, Comittee Chair
Digital Resources Librarian, Central Methodist University

Peter Klein, 2020-2022, Vice Chair
Resource Sharing Coordinator, Tulsa City-County Library

Waheeda Bilal, Board Representative 
Director of Library Services, Lincoln University

Anne Barker, 2019-2021
Research/Instruction Librarian, University of Missouri - Columbia

Rebecca Klemme Eliceiri, 2019-2021
Cataloger, St. Charles Community College

Nav Khanal, 2019-2021
E-Learning Librarian, University of Missouri - Columbia

Stephanie Ruhe, MOBIUS Organizer
Systems Librarian & OPAC Specialist, MOBIUS

Donna Bacon, Ex-Officio
Executive Director, MOBIUS