MOBIUS Procedure on Adding 229 Fields to Bibliographic Records

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Purpose of the Policy

This procedure outlines how to add a 229 field to a bibliographic record and thus enter titles in the journal, magazine, and newspaper index.

Scope: This procedure can be used by all MOBIUS member libraries operating on the Sierra system.
Responsible party: Each cluster is responsible for manually entering the 229 fields. The procedure is to be done on as needed basis.


For this index, one or more 229 MARC tags were created during conversion by copying existing title field(s) from serial type records p or n. Which title fields were copied varies from cluster to cluster.

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Guidelines for 229 Field (Journal Magazine or Newspaper Index) (04/09/2001)

For new serial records, type p or n, enter the following fields:

  • Record has 130, copy 130 as 229.
  • Record has no 130, copy 245 as 229.
  • Record has 246, create 229 for each 246 as needed.
  • For entries that the patron does not easily locate, an additional 229 may be created at the cataloger's discretion.

If an entry in this index has non-filing characters they are to be deleted and the second (non-filing) indicator set to zero. New 229 tags should be entered without initial articles. Indicator values: 1st indicator blank, 2nd indicator 0 (set to zero since initial articles should be omitted).


When cataloging a serial that does not meet the serial type p or n, provide 229 access if judged appropriate.


Retain the correct serial type in the record.