Evergreen: Flexible and Robust Integrated Library System (ILS)

What is Evergreen ILS?

Evergreen helps libraries manage all aspects of library services: helping patrons find library materials, place holds, and manage their accounts; and helping staff manage, catalog, and circulate materials. It is highly scalable and functions well for libraries of all sizes and levels of complexity. It was created in a partnership between librarians and programmers to specifically meet the needs of libraries and that partnership continues today in an active and collegial community.

How is MOBIUS involved?

MOBIUS has hosted and managed Evergreen systems since 2011--both individual library instances and also consortia of various sizes. The staff is integrally involved in the Evergreen community, serving on various committees, assisting with new releases, providing coding and documentation for new features and bug fixes, attending (and hosting) community events, and serving in leadership roles within the community.

For more information on Evergreen, please see the community website: http://evergreen-ils.org/