Delivery Bags

Handling Bags

Requesting Additional Delivery Bags

If a library is short on delivery bags, a request can be sent to the Delivery Listserv (MOB-Delivery-L) and member libraries can ship their excess bags to the requesting library. 

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Damaged Bags

Damaged bags should be returned to the MOBIUS office for counting and disposal. Tracking the numbers of damaged bags helps MOBIUS determine how long they last in use. The address for the MOBIUS office is in the website Label Maker.

Which Bags to Use

When sending materials out the black MOBIUS bags are universal, they can go to any library you can print a label for.

When returning items to partners outside of MOBIUS, if you have one of their bags it should be used with one of their items, such as a Tran-Amigos bag for a book going to a Trans-Amigos library.  If you have excess bags that belong to another organization and don't plan on using them, they can be sent to the MOBIUS Headquarters for return using delivery code MO-NO-102

If you have other questions please e-mail:  [email protected]

Annual Bag Inventory

Each year MOBIUS does an inventory of all bags in the system to help us determine if additional bags need to be purchased. For additional information see the Annual Delivery Bag Inventory Procedure

Year Bag Order Total Bags Purchased Bag Count Total
FY1999-2000 1000 1000 - - 
FY2000-2001 1000 2000 3757
FY2002-2003 - -  4200 3204
FY2003-2004 1000 5200 2063, 3380 (Nov)
FY2004-2005 - -  5200 3550
FY2005-2006 - -  5200 3201
FY2006-2007 2000 7200 5102
FY2007-2008 2000 9200 5845
FY2008-2009 2000 11200 7512
FY2009-2010 1500/500 13200 9683
FY2010-2011 - -  13200 10828
FY2011-2012 - -  13200 10238
FY2012-2013 - -  13200 9394
FY2013-2014 - -  13200 6958
FY2014-2015 2000 15200 6974
FY2015-2016 4000 19200 12037
FY2016-2017 -- 19200 10090
FY2017-2018 -- 19200 12677
FY2018-2019 -- 19200 12707

Information has been reconstructed from historical data, where no data was available the cell is blank.
Bag orders tended to arrive after the count was completed, so the Grand Total may not include that year's order.
In 2004 there were two bag counts, the second one in November is also shown.
FY2001-2002 had two separate bag orders of 1,100 each.
FY2014-2015 had two separate bag orders of 1,000 each.

FY2017-2018 STAT counted all delivery bags in their possession as MOBIUS bags.