Training Videos - Circulation

Part 1: Setting the Stage

Setting the stage for Circulation checkout mode. Record templates for patrons - customizing the experience for staff.

Part 2: Checkout Mode

First we go into Circulation Desk mode anytime we are seeing and working with a patron. How to check materials out; how things work; and making edits/changes to patron records are all covered.

Part 3: Search/Holds

Assisting patrons by finding materials and then adding them to the hold queue or starting with a patron first - no matter what you have to do first, you can get there and do it, assuming your permissions allow you.

Part 4: Check-in 

Covers check-in mode, both with and without the patron present and backdating the date for check-in.

Part 5: Miscellaneous 

Looking at the other functions typically found on a staff member's login menu, including Copy Use, Reserve Room, and more.

Part 6: Course Reserves and Notices

An overview of the course reserves function and the notices options with Sierra.