INN-Reach stop phrases

When a single phrase appears on a large number of records, queues to INN-Reach can become backed up and processing can become very slow. To handle this issue. words and phrases that appear on large numbers of records are added to the stop list by Innovative, meaning the system will not index that word or phrase any more. This allows the INN-Reach queues to process much more efficiently. The current stop list is:

  • electronic books
  • electronic government infomation united states
  • electronic journals
  • freely available online resources mu
  • government publications united states
  • eighteenth century collections online
  • s n
  • thomson gale

Please remember to contact the MOBIUS Help Desk if you are working with a large number of records that contain a specific phrase or word in an indexed field or if you are adding or deleting a specific indexed phrase to a large number of records.