INN-Reach: What It Is and How It Works

What is INN-Reach?

INN-Reach is a resource sharing tool from Innovative Interfaces Inc. that integrates multiple libraries through their local ILS, allowing them to have a shared catalog, patron initiated requesting, and cost effective fulfillment of requests. 

How does INN-Reach process a transaction?

When a patron places a request it is randomly selected from the pool of available items in the MOBIUS Union Catalog. Since the patron records reside on the local catalog, INN-Reach checks the patrons's record on the local catalog for permission to place the hold, places the item hold on the lending library's server and creates a virtual patron record which allows the item to be checked out and used. On the borrowing side a virtual record is created that allows the item to be checked out to the patron. When the item is returned and checked back in, the virtual records are automatically erased from all systems. 

How does load balancing work? 

A load balancing table is used in the INN-Reach server in order to balance lending and borrowing over the course of time at each library. The patron will not be able to designate which copy is to be borrowed unless the title has one or more volumes attached to it. This does not affect overall requests but where multiple items are attached to a bib, the request will go to the higher rank library if available.  The MOBIUS load balancing is currently set to be neutral among all libraries. If a title is requested through MOBIUS and it is available locally, the system will choose the local item.