Training Videos - INN-Reach Circulation

Part 1 - Placing the Request

Placing the request in the INN-Reach Union Catalog. This is a title owned by a library that is not the "home" library of the patron placing the request.

Part 2 - Staff Side, I-R Paging Slips & Sending It Out

On the staff side of the requested library, running your INN-Reach Paging Slips and Checking the item out to a Remote Patron (and then putting the material into transit).

Part 3 - Checking In at the Receiving location & More

Once the item arrives at the library of the patron who has requested it, the item is scanned in, and this triggers the receiving action to put the material on the hold shelf (or in this case, to send it directly to the patron). This triggers the process where the patron is notified that the item has arrived and then check out is like a normal item as is checking it back in again once the patron is finished with it. Once that happens, the item notifies the staff member that the material should be "sent home" again.

Part 4 - Checking It In, Back Home Again

Once the material has circulated, the material is checked in and sent "home" again. At the "home" library, the operator simply goes to Check-In and scans it in to clear the outstanding status and then the system will indicate what to do with it next. Either another hold is outstanding (and do something with it either "locally" or send it out again perhaps somewhere else) or simply re-shelve it.